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Sustainability Initiatives: Insights from Stock Exchanges into Motivations and Challenges


Corporate Social Responsibility from a Development Policy Perspective

Fast Growth and Big Impacts: How Emerging Market Multinationals are Advancing Sustainable Development



Tripartite declaration of principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy (MNE Declaration) – 4th Edition



OECD (2011) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises



OHCHR publications on business and human rights

Reports by the Human Rights Council and Human Rights Commission



UNCTAD (2012) Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Value Chains: Evaluation and monitoring challenges for small and medium-sized suppliers in developing countries

UNCTAD (2012) World Investment Report, Chapter 3, Section C – Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains

UNCTAD (2011) World Investment Report, Chapter 3, Section E – Corporate Social Responsibility

UNCTAD et al. (2011) Promoting standards for responsible investment in value chains. Report to the G20 High-Level Development Working Group

UNCTAD (2011) Investment and Enterprise Responsibility Review: Analysis of investor and enterprise policies on corporate social responsibility

UNCTAD (2010) Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America: A Collection of Research Papers from the Virtual Institute Network



Carrots and Sticks for Starters, i

Carrots and Sticks, ii – Promoting Transparency and Sustainability

Carrots and Sticks, iii – Sustainability Reporting Policies Worldwide

Corporate Social Responsibility and Regional Trade and Investment Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions on Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Lenses and Clocks: Financial Stability and Systemic Risks, June 2012

Making Investment Grade: The Future of Corporate Reporting – New trends in capturing and communicating strategic value

Sustainability Management and Reporting: Benefits for Financial Institutions in Developing and Emerging Economies

Sustainable Return on Investment Opportunity (RIO) – The Business Case for the Green Economy

The Business Case for the Green Economy

The Stakeholder Engagement Manual: Vol. 1, The Guide to Practitioners’ Perspectives on Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement Manual: Vol. 2, The Practitioner’s Handbook on Stakeholder Engagement 
     Italian version   –   Japanese version   –   Romanian version   –   Spanish version      

Trends in Non-Financial Reporting, November 2006



Business Responsibility in Indian Clusters

CSR Perceptions of SMEs in Clusters

Dynamics of Social Responsibility in SME Clusters

Fostering Responsibility in Clusters, Vol. I

Fostering Responsibility in Clusters, Vol. II

Fostering Responsibility in Clusters, Vol. III

Global Value Chains, Local Clusters and CSR